At Steiner Security Services, Inc., we recognize the importance of maintaining and encouraging a client based, service drive management structured with a bottom up approach to employee and staff involvement.

Our approach lends itself to creating and fostering open lines of communications between officers, supervisors in the field, staff, and executive management.  Supervisors are given the authority and responsibility to address the concerns of our officers, staff members, management, and clients, while meeting the goals and objectives set, in a proactive way, before any major issues arise.  We pride ourselves in fostering and “open door” policy throughout the organization, up the chain of command to include our managerial staff. 

Response with a sense of urgency to all client concerns is given the highest priority at Steiner.  Our readiness to respond to any client issue or need is reflected in our ability to retain 100% of our client base.

In summary, we at Steiner work as a team with all of our clients to establish and provide a working relationship that not only meets, but exceeds the security goals, objectives and expectations  set.