Ms. Vivian McGrew has over 25 years management experience in the security industry.  She has exhibited professionalism, drive, and dedication throughout her career.  From officer to supervisor, to manager to owner; Ms. McGrew (Vivian) has an understanding of the industry from the ground up; providing Steiner Security a unique perspective and advantage in the industry.

Ms. McGrew, prior to incorporating STEINER SECURITY SERVICES INC., had the management responsibility of overseeing an organizational strategic plan for transitioning and navigating companies through change, due diligence, and acquisitions, while always maintaining the bottom line for the company and its clients.  She directed the daily operations with a focus on overall success and the individuals; providing leadership and guidance while increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of organizations, by decreasing liability and waste.

Ms. McGrew also previously served as a Branch Manager.  Where she directed all personnel and operations.  Maintaining regulatory compliances, fostering sales, supervising or producing bid/proposal projects and always ensuring account maintenance.

CERTIFICATIONS:  Metropolitan Police Self Defense Institute Certificate and NRA certifications in Security Patrols, Survival Shooting tactics, and tactical Defense.  (Includes 8a certification, NNSI trained, W/O, SDB)

MEMBER OF:  The Illinois Chief of Police Association, the Midwest Tactical Institute, Midwest Organization of Security and Safety Professionals (MOSSE), the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS), Southland Chamber of Commerce, Southland Convention & Tourism Bureau, OC Chamber of Commerce, and the US Women’s Chamber of Commerce.